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If you want muscles..                                      – go to the gym

If you want cardiovascular exercise..               – go jogging

If you want to look good in leggings..              – do some aerobics

If you want temporary relief from stress..       – drink some alcohol


If you want to be more healthy and naturally relaxed..

 – try Yoga!


Hatha Yoga


People have been practising Traditional Hatha Yoga for approximately 4,000 years.  Originating in ancient India, the Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ means yoke or union between mind, body and spirit.


In simple terms Yoga is a holistic approach to improving health that may be practised by young and old alike. The benefit of Yoga are available to all, regardless of size, shape or physical condition.


A typical Yoga session is a combination of postures, breathing exercises and relaxation that will bring vital energy and flexibility back to the body.


Hatha Yoga is an ideal way to manage stress!

Call for information about classes or 1-2-1 sessions.


Call:    07498 457345


British Wheel of Yoga Diploma-qualified teacher. 

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